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Chip Tuning Calculation Tool.

By choosing the brand, model, year and engine features of your vehicle, you can see the HP (Horse) and Nm (Torque) it will gain after the stage1 software

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Within a few hours, you will be able to download your tuned files and upload them to your client’s car.

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Stage 1

Boost performance

Pops and Bangs

Make it pop!​

Eco tuning​

Fuel-efficient driving


All diesel brands


Remove the limitations

Hot Start Fix

Smooth engine start

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high quality & best price

We offer the best quality service at the best prices. We know and understand our customers because we have experience as a tuning company as well and therefore can resonate with our customers in a practical way.

Custom remapped files

With over 100.000 successful remaps, it is safe to say that we are among the top providers of tuning files in the industry. Modifications we made are based on original calibration files. ​


Get your custom file between 1-3 hours to your email and panel. We also assist our customers with their tuning proces by providing an excellent support system.​